Flood Plain Certificates

Floodplain Determinations

Floodplain Surveys

Baudhuin Surveying and Engineering has a vast knowledge of the floodplain elevations along the shores of Door County and the inland lakes. We conduct surveys to determine these elevations for property owner so that they can make educated decisions for current and future building projects.If a property is determined to be in a floodplain, our engineers are able to help the owner with the development of flood safety plans which meet local ordinances. After completion of a project, we return to the site to verify compliance with the approved plans for occupancy permits.



FEMA Elevation Certificates and Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA)

Door County has thousands of parcels along its 300 miles of shoreline. Many of these parcels are incorrectly mapped within a FEMA flood hazard area which can require the owners to purchase unnecessary and expensive flood insurance. We use a three‐step process. First, we take field measurement in and around the structure on the property to determine the elevations. Then we fill out the FEMA Elevation Certificate. If the structures are determined to be in the flood hazard area, then the Elevation Certificate is used to determine flood insurance premiums. Finally, if the structure is out of the flood hazard area then the Elevation Certificate is use in the LOMA submittal. The need to maintain flood insurance is removed once the LOMA is approved by FEMA.

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